Acknowledgement & Stamp Process

$1,200.00 donation


This process is a step by step process under the 1961 Hague Convention.. This process establishes you as the owner of your Property...By Notifying the 4 Clerks and getting their seals on your document completes the process... We include videos and the documents for a man or woman too complete this process.. This process take it from Marketable title to Good title and the FRAUD IS EXPOSED ONCE AND FOR ALL...And you will slip it in on them and they wont see it coming!!!!!

Stamp Process

This process Pays the tax by adding U.S. postage stamps to the documents This process is very detailed...This process shows you how to pay the tax on the FRAUDULENT Documents and expose the system...On your Mortgage,Taxes,car note,Loan, any bill ect. This process goes back to the war in 1776...And is found in the townsend act .."IN ALL CASES WHAT SO EVER" After repealing the stamp act...AND YES WE WERE TRICKED