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UNAUTHORIZED copying of software, documents or video is illegal. Copyright law protects software authors and publishers, just as patent law protects inventors.

UNAUTHORIZED copying of software, documents or video by individuals can harm the entire academic community. If unauthorized copying proliferates on a campus, the institution may incur legal liability. Also, the institution may find it more difficult to negotiate agreements that would make software more widely and less expensively available to members of the academic community.

UNAUTHORIZED copying and use of software, documents or video deprives publishers and developers of a fair return for their work, increases prices, reduces the level of future support and enhancements, and can inhibit the development of new software products.

RESPECT for the intellectual work of others has traditionally been essential to the mission of colleges and universities. As members of the academic community, we value the free exchange of ideas. Just as we do not tolerate plagiarism, we do not condone the unauthorized copying of software, including programs, applications, data bases and code.

THEREFORE, we offer the following statement of principle about intellectual property and the legal and ethical use of software, documents or video.